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Kolkata Fatafat Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Kolkata Fafafat ?

Kolkata Fatafat is an online lottery game. It is a game where you must choose a winning number to win the game. There are large prizes in the game. That is it is possible for a person to be a winner and earn huge prizes by guessing the most exact number. It can be played eight times per day.

2. Who will be a part of Kolkata FF ?

It can be played in Kolkata city and only in Kolkata. If you are looking to play this game and test your luck, then you should be in Kolkata. There is currently no alternative for those who are not residents from Kolkata to take part in this game. Only those within the city are able to participate in the game.

3. How do you perform Kolkata Fatafat ?

As we mentioned in the last question, only people from Kolkata city are able to play the game. People who are interested to play the lottery can go to the homepage of our site and start playing it on the spot.

4. Do you know if Kolkata FF have Multiple Winners ?

Yes, it’s possible. There could be many winners within one bazi. It also happens several times. There are several winners from one or more bazi’s within a single day. It’s also real that the chances of multiple winners are slim. The winner is referred to as King. The other participants also receive a few consolation prizes in the light of their performances.

5. What is the Prize Value ?

As we all know , the prize amount depends directly on the amount of money invested. Therefore, it fluctuates every time , and is contingent on the investment amount of the participant. The amount of money that is won will vary from one player to the next.

6. How much is the minimum price for Kolkata FF ?

There aren’t any specific requirements of a minimum bid required in Kolkata’s Kolkata Financial Forum. It is possible to invest as much money as you like. In some regions the minimum amount is between 5 to 10 rupees.

7. Can I buy several lottery tickets on the same draw date?

Yes, anybody can purchase several lottery tickets for that draw on the exact date for any bazi.

8. What can I do to confirm if I’ve won the lottery ?

There are two options available for finding out the status of your results. For the first you can verify your result online through this site, and in the second alternative you can visit the official lottery office in Kolkata to check your results status.

9. How do I check Kolkata Fatafat results ?

Knowing the status of your test results is a simple process. You don’t have to travel to any place. You can simply browse to Kolkata-ff.org on your mobile device and verify your draw’s results. You can find the results of all eight bazi’s first.

10. What can I do to claim my winnings in the event that I win the lottery?

You must fill out a form with the state government along with necessary documents. Once you have submitted the form you will be able to claim the winnings. You are able to also go to the official lottery company in Kolkata for more details regarding the lottery.

11. How to win ?

There are many who promise that they can help you beat the odds. However, there is no trick or strategy to win at the game. To learn more about this, visit our homepage.

12. Are there any games I can play? Kolkata Fatafat Online ?

For playing Kolkata FF online you have to download an application, and you will then cannot only play online , but also you can see the outcomes of every draw online.

13. Are Kolkata FF available on any social media sites ?

Yes, it’s available on all the platforms for social media. It is available via the Facebook page, Youtube channelYoutubeInstagram and Twitter. You are able to also sign up to their WhatsApp groups as well as Telegram groups.

14. How do I check the results of previous tests ?

In the upper part of this page, you’ll find results from the past in a table that is arranged dates.

15. How can I contact you ?

You can easily send contact via contact us page. email us webpage (i.e. located below at the at the bottom). Complete the necessary details and any questions in the boxes below and send them in.